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The 464th BG Short Rounds

Comments from a couple of our members

    (As mentioned on the "Insignia" page....) the "Intruder" A/C had no tail markings and was generally painted a flat gray. She was used for "Bad Weather" missions with bombing by radar. Rough weather was more dangerous than German actions on these missions.
   Robert Hoskinson (464th, 778th) tells us that the radar aircraft were also commonly referred to as "Pathfinder" or "Mickey."
   Bob also comments on the Red J - Jig: "This particular picture is from my own small collection. The pic "Darwin Carlson" had sent me was of Red J, but had an unknown GI standing inside the aircraft looking out the window. Darwin had no other pic of Red J and was delighted when I sent him a copy. Darwin was a radio operator and a good friend of "Leland Conrad", the radio operator who took pictures of the Black Nan. Leland was a member of the John Tomlinson crew and their tent was just across the path from our tent."
   Bob goes on to say, "As an afterthought, our crew was on the same mission as the one in which "Red Jig" got shot up, Dec. 02, 1944, Blechhammer, Ger., in "White Zebra" - The Green Hornet. We, fortunately, came out of it with just a few small holes."
   The Black 'N' - Nan (B-24 #44-49710, Nick Name - Stevenovich) was from the 779th. She was crewed by 11 men (they are listed in the MIA book, page 31). LTC. Gilson in CP (right) seat as Command Pilot. This picture was taken on Tuesday, 10 April '45 over Lugo, Italy. There were ten fatalities and one survivor, Lt. Edward F. Walsh, Jr. who retired as a Colonel after 27 years in the Air Force. Lt. Walsh was a Radar Bombardier. - Updated! [Bob has compiled a pictorial saga of Black N's last flight. It is offered as a .pdf file here.]
   On occasion an aircraft would have two or even three names and without a serial number/and or Call letter to go by you can't be halfway sure of what aircraft you are looking at. I discovered that on occasion when an aircraft came back with damage to a rudder, if another rudder was available in the salvage yard it would be used, but the serial number would not be changed to show the correct number - thus two serial numbers. My listing has a large number of aircraft with serial numbers ONLY, with Letters ONLY and/or nose art ONLY."
   Bob would appreciate any information concerning the serial numbers, call letters and/or nose art. He has also commented that "The Indian looks a bit like the 465th, 781st patch that I saw on Frank Ambrose's site." Bob said that he was unable, so far, to find out anything more about that aircraft or the On To Tokyo.
   When Bob saw this picture on our web site he wrote:
   "I checked my mission roster and on 3/19/1945 our crew flew a mission to Muhldorf, Germany "Marshalling Yards" in White H A/C S/N 44-48768 at 17,000 ft."
   "I have a couple of pics taken on that same mission with a K-20 hand held camera, one of the city of Muhldorf and one of our P38 escort but the pics are so faded I couldn't get a good scan. The hand held camera had the same info inserted so that when each pic was taken it showed the date, pilots name and aircraft ID."
   "That pic appears to be a pic taken with the handheld K20 through the opened escape hatch rather than the floor mounted "bomb strike" camera. If that is the case the picture was more than likely taken by Harry Player, the engineer, who on our crew flew left waist gun when not needed on the flight deck, or on occasion I would use the hand held to take shots through the escape hatch or out the rear through the tail gun turret."
    "I found 5 bomb strike pics, one of which was virtually identical to the picture on the site. This pic is approx 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 and there are no identifying tabs at top and/or bottom as that of White H. It appears that the negative was marked with a marker prior to printing and across the top is 464BG:5M251:ZVI) (3:19:1254)(12:17980)(337degrees) MUHLDORF M/Y RED FORCE (776:9589) and the bombs are circled. The above would indicate to me this was taken from Red A 776 BS 44-49589. All of the bomb strike pics I have are marked with a marker."
   "The camera used for Bomb Strikes was mounted between the rear escape hatch and the tail gunners turret. When we hit the IP for the bomb run, I would get out of the tail turret, reach down and push the button to start the camera then sit down in the turret, but facing the escape hatch until we finished the bomb run."
   "More on White H: On April 10, 1945, White H was flying behind and I believe below Black Nan in the formation. The mission report to 15th AF Hdqs doesn't state what happened other than 44-48768 was forced to land and was at a friendly field. It eventually made it back to Pantanella. Then on 5/29/45 White H landed at Bradley Field, Conn. and was later scrapped at Albuquerque, NM."

    Tony Schneider (of the 776th, our BG secretary and Editor of the BG Newsletter) shares some info on some of the photos in our galleries:
   "This was our house style in '44 & '45, tents, not houses or huts. Some had walls built then were topped with a tent as was ours." Pictured from L-R are: Tony Schneider, Gerald Welsted, Matthew Arlington and John Gottschalk.
   "This bell and dedication are in the front facade of the chapel."
   "Gooch, (John Gottschalk) leaving, April '45. He had completed 35 Sorties (268 missions)."
   "Crew #268 - Gerald Welsted, Tony Schneider, Matt Arlington and John Gottschalk. This was taken in the spring of '45."
   "This is one of John Gottschalk (left) and Peter Wilson (right, KIA shortly after this picture was taken.)."
   "Red J - Jig another victim of flak on Saturday 2 December '44, Blechhammer, Germany. Pilot - Eppley. (The damage was very similar to that suffered by the 779th Black - J during a ground explosion caused by the mechanics' putt-putts that leaked and sparked. Parts of a supercharger from an engine of a burning plane went through the side of Black - J...it looked a lot like this.)"

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