[Graphic] Snapshots from the 464th Bombardment Group.
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The 464th BG Short Rounds

The Toscano Cousins

    David Pulcrano writes:
    Well, I think I have something of interest re
779th. I am sure you are aware of this story,
being involved with the 464th B/Gp, and all.
Well, here goes my story:
[Photo] Teddy Toscano - 1920 to 1945.
Theodore D. Toscano - 1920 to 1945
    "In 1939, I was 7 yrs old and 2nd Lt. Theodore (Teddy) David Toscano, at that time was an Avia Cadet; this was the last time I saw him alive. I later heard he was MIA, then rptd KIA. I was inspired by him at that tender age, that I would one day serve (1950-54 and recalled 1968-70) in the Army Air Corps...well, the U.S. Air Force, as it had become an independant Department in '47. Ted had flown one mission as co-pilot (familiarization with combat) and then flew 13 missions as Cmd Pilot; the last being on Mar 22,'45 over Heilgenstadt, acc'dg to Cpl. George R. Frazier, Jr., Gunner (Ball); who by the way was the sole survivor of that incident. One unique thing about this whole scenario, is that Ralph Toscano, (Ted, Ralph and I are cousins...Ted's father Louis, Ralph's father Carmine, and my Grdmother Carmela are bros/sisters), was an Avia Mech in the same Unit at the time Ted went down. In doing the genealogical research for the family, I contacted the 464th Assoc and no one was able to assist me in locating info on these two relatives. However, I managed to contact Bob Hoskinson, and he was instrumental in assisting me with some pics and more detailed info. In fact, he supplied me with an 8 x 10 of the same aircraft you have as a webpage opening. Isn't that great? I did write to George Frazier and he supplied photos as well. In writing to a Chester Viseth, I was informed that he had passed away and could not obtain anything further from his widow. He was an 'eye witness' reporter to this incident. Ralph Toscano passed away several yrs ago and I had lost contact with him through the yrs. Another oddity I noted was that Ted's Co-Pilot was Don Hoskinson....Bob told me that he was no relation to him. By the way I believe Bob said he was a Tail-Gunner with the 778th. And now you know 'the BEST of the story!'   Apologies to Paul Harvey!"
   The info I recall from memory...since I don't have actual dates in many cases....of family members who served were:
*Step-Mother Eva Marie Delassandro U.S.N. (WWII), *Step-Father William DeLorenzo U.S. Army (WWII - Africa-Italy), *F/Law Leonard T. Atkinson U.S. Army (WWI - France), Half-Bro Anthony Ronald Pulcrano U.S.N. (Ret.), Lt. Cmdr. *Cousin Theodore David (Teddy) Toscano U.S.A.A.F. 464th BG 779th BSqdn. 15th AF, 2nd Lt *Cousin Ralph Alfred Toscano U.S.A.A.F. 15th AF (supposedly with same unit as Teddy, he was there when Ted went down), *Uncle Arthur Kazmierski U.S. Army (Canal Zone - Ft. Monmouth NJ), PFC *Uncle Joseph Richard Pulcrano U.S. Army 44th Div., Tech Sgt. Uncle Alfred A. Ricci U.S.M.C. 6th Marine Div (WWII- Okinawa - China), *Uncle Patrick Henry Ricci U.S.N (WWII D-Day Invas) (Alfred P's. father), Cousin Alfred Patrick Ricci U.S.A.F. (Alfred A.'s nephew), Cousin Joseph D. Scorzelli U.S.N., Cousin Michael Vitale U.S. Army (WWII), Cousin Louis C. Pulcrano U.S. Army (I believe), *Cousin Lucian Thomas Pinardi U.S. Army (WWII - Germany), Cousin Bernard Arthur Ricci U.S.N. (Korea), Son Michael Pulcrano U.S. Army (Germany), Me - David Anthony Pulcrano U.S. Air Force (Jan 50 -Jan 54 and Mar 67- 70 - Europe) SSGT (Briefly, I was an Air Res Tech Civ. Service and recalled with the 904th MAW/GP/Sqdn and sent to RAF Mildenhall (1648th Prov Sqdn Alpha) and traveled many European Countries in performance of my duties as an Acft/Eng
[Photo] A photo of Teddy's dog tags and the site where they were found. Teddy's dog tags and the site where they were
discovered in Europe.

[Photo] Teddy Toscano's headstone.
Teddy Toscano's headstone in the
Holy Rood cemetery in Westbury New York.
His grave has been adopted by Carol Kerler.
Mech/Inspector. Also was NCOIC of Eng Mech Trng in Sqdn.), *Br/Law George Denson White U.S. Army (WWII - Korea), Br/Law J. W. Atkinson U.S. Army (WWII), Br/Law Leonard Atkinson U.S. Air Force (Korea), Br/Law Dan West U.S. Army (Korea). [* Deceased]

Ed. Note - David has put out a request to our members:
   "Should you have any info concerning either Ted or Ralph, please share same with me for the purpose of enhancing the family's history. I would also like to put out a request for any/all flimsies for the month of March 1945."
   "Sincere best wishes with the venture and the preservation of the 464th's memories. Most respectfully, David"

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