[Graphic] Snapshots from the 464th Bombardment Group.
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The 464th Bomb Group Short Rounds

Part 1 - From Aaron Emerson
Shadowboxes created for Aaron's Grandfather - Bill Emerson (778)

The shadow box with the bomber jacket

     This shadow box was created for Bill Emerson. Bill was a B24 right wing machine gunner in the 464th Bombardment Group, 778 Squadron. (Click on the thumbnail image to the right to open a larger version in a new window.)
[Photo] The shadow box created with Bill Emerson's WWII memorabilia.
     Included in this shadow box are:
     A picture of Bill Emerson during WWII wearing the bomber jacket.

     The Crew pictured is the crew that he flew with while overseas. (Click on the thumbnail image on the right to open a larger version in a new window.)
[Photo] Bill Emerson (778). [Photo] Link to a larger version of Bill Emerson's crew.
     Underneath the photo of the crew is an Italian bill (money) that each crew member signed. [Photo] Italian bill signed by Bill Emerson's crewmates.
     Below the signed Italian bill is a photo of Bill - in parachute, a compass from a survival kit (top), his wife’s highschool class ring (bottom) from Streetman High School in Streetmen, Texas. Bill wore her ring the entire time he was overseas as a good luck charm. Bill's dog tags are here, too. [Photo] Picture of Bill Emerson, his sweetheart's class ring and his dog tags.
     Also included in this shadow box is his bomber jacket. The patch lying across the right sleeve of the jacket is the patch from the back of the jacket. (Click on the thumbnail image on the right to open a larger version in a new window.) [Photo] Link to a larger version of Bill Emerson's jacket patch.
     A picture of his wife that he carried during the war has a note written on the front: “I love you darling.” [Photo] Picture of Bill Emerson's sweetheart, later his wife.
     The silk maps of Europe that were carried during a mission are laid just beside the left sleeve of the jacket. There is also a copy of the Airman’s Psalm. [Photo] The silk mission maps and a copy of the Airman's Psalm.
     Notice the lucky shoes of Capri and silver bell over the left shoulder of the jacket…these were also good luck charms.

     The parachute leader is the actual leader used during one of the two times Bill was shot down during the war. Not all of the crew members survived.
[Photo] Bill's parachute leader, 778th Squadron patch and good luck charms - Capri shoes and a small silver bell.
     These items were boxed and in storage until 2000 when he and I went through all of his war memorabilia. I thought these items were of too much historic value (and too great!) to stay boxed. I wanted to display and share with our friends and family. We had the shadow box made and surprised Bill with it.
                Aaron Emerson

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