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Giuseppe Versolato
(Aviation Historian)

[Photo] Giuseppe Versolato

    Giuseppe Versolato     gversola@tin.it
   I'm an aviation historian living in Vicenza, North East Italy. I have written a book about the WWII bombings performed by 15th Air Force in my town and territory. I've written about all the missions, but today I was very surprised, visiting your site, to read that your Group was also involved in the bombing at 28 February 1945 at Vicenza MY."
   "I know that in this day there were four raids. One by the 459th BG, another by the 350th FG target AD in the town, another very probably was performed by the night bombardiers of the 47th BG and another ?? Now I read that Vicenza is listed among your targets. I should be very grateful if you could give me information about this mission and the possible mission report. It is very important for me." [Ed. Giuseppe was sent what limited information I have and was sent more comprehensive information from one of our members. He goes on to say:]
   "Before I was "sure" that all my research about the bombings performed in my town made all full in every it part and detail. I spent about six years of research in touch with American and English archives and in touch with many veterans and associations, etc. I thought of having written "all" about these missions, but evidently I've been "a presumptuos person" and I was mistaken about the day 28 February 1945 ! I never had thought that in one day the target in the town of Vicenza, the MY, could be attacked by 15th Air Force "3 times" from different ship formations."
   "During my research, also knowing that the attacks against the town were 4 in that day, I started considering that the 15th had performed only "one attack" and the other could have been missions coming from Twelfth Air Force."
   "From local sources I knew that the four attacks had been performed at 12,10 - 14,50 - 15,20 and the last at 17,10 hours. The first was performed at 12,03 by 14 ships of the 459th BG, they dropped 74 bombs RDX 1,000 lbs and I described very well this attack. Also in this case, Vicenza was "an alternate target" because the formation had as primary target the bridge of Albes, Brenner Pass area."
   The formation, before starting for the bomb run, verified that the target was obscured by heavy smoke coming from the preceding raids of other formations and so decided for an alternate, just Vicenza."
   "The formation was the "Blue Force" of the Group. The bombing of 17,10 was performed, but not with target the MY but the Airdrome, by 8 P-47s of the 350th FG."
   "The last two, the ones of 14,50 and 15,20 hours, I thought that had been a work of the medium bombers, very probably the ones of the 47th BG, also if this unit was in the main part of campaign of Italy, involved in night attacks."
   "Now I know that at 14,53 (by local source 14,50) and at 16,10 hours (by local source 15,20 but certainly this time is mistaken) were performed by "Blue and Red Forces" of the 464th."
   "Here is a photo of the target (by allied recon ships), the MY, after the last heavy bombing performed during the war by Allied Forces on the night of 18 march 1945, It was a raid performed by Liberators of RAF and SAAF (South African Air Force) very massive and destructive in which a good part of the historical town down was fired and destroyed."
   "A second photo, the cover of my book (translated is "The Allied Air Bombings in the Territory of Vicenza - 1943-1945")."
   "On 4 October 1944 - ship 42-52485 -Squadron 778 Brown Nose, F letter code. Here, this photo is taken from tail in a Swiss airdrome, probably Dubendorf. This mission of Group on this day was Munich, Germany, target Main MY. On 16 November 1944 - ship 42-95340 code L. Squadron 777 "Chick", pilot 2 Lt. Livermore (I don't know if name is correct). Here, in this photo, at Magadino Airfield near Locarno, Switzerland after the crash landing. Magadino is a few miles after the border between Italy and Switzerland, very near to the north coast of Lake Maggiore and before of Lake Lugano. The mission of Group in this day was Munich, Germany - West Marshalling Yards."
   "The last thing that could be useful to know is the type of bombs dropped by the 464th (500 or 1,000 lbs). Sincerely Giuseppe"
   "P.S. Vicenza is the "town of Palladio", a very famous architect of Renaissance. His style inspired also some buildings in Washington, a very nice city, that I visited during one of my past trips in the States. If you wish to know more about me, go to "Google" and search "Giuseppe Versolato"."

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