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Jasper van Haren, Netherlands

Active member of the Association for Adopting
Graves at the American Cemetery at Margraten
[Photo] Jasper van Haren, Holland.
[Photo] Adoption Certificate cover. [Photo] Adoption Certificate cover.     My name is Jasper van Haren and I am from Holland. For me, it's an honor to adopt a grave of an american soldier who died in WWII for my freedom.
    I am 30 years old...and I have a son, 6 years old. I am proud to show these graves to my son.
    I met some veterans form the 101st Airborne Division last year, after that my brother adopted two graves of American soldiers...and now, I have done the same. We both feel honored to have the opportunity to do this. I will adopt more...this is the first one ...
    The Certificate of Adoption issued to me lists details about the American soldier at the American Cemetery in Margraten whose grave I have adopted.
    Sgt. Fernando B. Rangel was with the 464th Bombardment Group, 776th Squadron.
    He was born in 1924, he was from Texas. Rangel enlisted on 26 March 1943. He died on 11 Dec 1944 and was then interred at Margraten.

[Photo] Aerial, panoramic view of the American Cemetery at Margraten.
Aerial, panoramic view of the American Cemetery at Margraten.

[Photo] Memorial at the American Cemetery in Margraten.
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    At the end of the second World War there were 18,000 graves here in Holland. After a while, 10,000 soldiers went back to American cemeteries. So, there are still 8,301 graves here.
    Families started to adopt the graves. In the beginning it was only family, but Dutch people are so proud of the Americans that in time they decided that they wanted to adopt graves too...
I have been a soldier myself for 2, 5 years and there is still a special feeling for the army.
    My grandfather worked in a German factory during World War 2 and my grandmother had to eat flowers during the war. She walked 1,000 miles to get food in that time. For me, WWII is something I never will forget.

[Photo] Crosses at the American Cemetery in Margraten.
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