[Graphic] Snapshots from the 464th Bombardment Group.
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The 464th Bomb Group in WWII - Featured Author

Peter Kak, Published Author

email: pkassak@yahoo.com

     The book "A One Crew War" is a story of one crew of a 464th Bombardment Group B-24 Liberator bomber as told by three 464th Bombardment Group crewmates — Neal Cobb, Claude H. Davis, Jr. and George O. Winberg.
     Their story ranges from basic training, through assignment to the 15th United States Army Air Force, to their final mission at Blechhammer on 7 July 1944, to their return home after the war.
     These 464th crewmen were shot down over Slovakia, taken captive, where they then made their escape. They were rescued by the OSS. It is their story that Peter presents in this book.
     This is a unique tale of luck, loss, faith and friendship from WWII.
     This book was compiled and edited by Peter Kak. Peter used historical notes and corrections to give the most accurate look at these men's lives during those war torn days.
     Author's Note:
     Dear Reader,
     During my research on the 15th USAAF operations over Slovakia and questioning the crewmembers that were shot down over Slovakia in 1944 and 1945, I was fortunate to locate and contact many of the survivors.
     All the stories are very interesting and even breathtaking, as the stories of survival, suffering and fear of war on one side, and pure friendship, help and unselfishness on the other side can be.
     But the fate of one of these crews somehow stuck to my heart.
     The crash site was one of the first I have visited. Local people I have interviewed were first witnesses to the last moments of the Liberator bomber at Dolny Lieskov. And the airmen, whose story is being told here, were the first contacts on my long journey in search of information.
     Neal Cobb, Claude H. Davis, Jr. and George O. Winberg are telling us about their first visit to Slovakia for which they did not volunteer. Most of the story is from the pen of Claude H. Davis, Jr. George Winberg and Neal Cobb added short stories and their memories became the background for my editor's notes.
     I tried to put the story together in chronological order as it happened, and took the liberty to edit a bit the stories by my own historical findings, based on the study of archival materials and blended these with photos to make an already interesting story more colorful.
     I hope my effort will be crowned by success and you will be able to move back in time to 1944, to Slovakia, this small country in the heart of Europe, to find out about those times and about what these men went through.
     And, of course, to give silent tribute to those who did not survive.
     Peter Kak

     Peter Kak's book, "A One Crew War" (ISBN 978-8-0969-6388-1) can be ordered by going to http://books.lulu.com/content/623500.
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