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For Our Morale

Final Mission

by Sharon Sanders, May 22, 2001

My face is just a memory
that chapter had once been closed
since now the book is reopened
a story is destined to be told.

Life presents its challenges
God knows I had a few
offering several directions
choices always up to you.

I walked my path a proud man
willing to accept my fate
so when duty called upon me
I did not hesitate.

My pride with home and family
was a daily aching yearn
hoping maybe someday
God would guide my safe return.

Not knowing mission fifty
would be my final flight
the angels came to greet me
to escort me through the light.

My body lies in Belgium
at rest on sacred ground
my brother lay beside me
God's peace we finally found.

I had hoped to set example
to those I left behind
my presence always with you
within your heart and mind.

We've drawn our own conclusions
to death and afterlife
denial to protect us
from our personal sacrifice.

Surrender your tears and anger
to accept the cards at hand
I promise there will come a day
you will finally understand.

My message here is simple
there is nothing more to say
for all to walk on forward
remember yesterday.

Pray for love and forgiveness
for that is the ultimate plan
embrace your life and each other
so we can all walk hand in hand.

Ms. Sanders read this poem at the Nashville 2002 Reunion.
This poem was reproduced with the permission of the
author, Sharon Sanders, and the contributor, Elise Rawlings.

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