[Graphic] Snapshots from the 464th Bombardment Group.
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For Our Morale

Plane Talk

by David Cornwell

If I had a B-24
I'd decorate it
With you

Right there
Where you'd
By the pilot side panel of
The plane.

Just like Turner
And Hayworth,
With our 464th squadron,
You'd go.

On every mission
With me

Then, at last
When we landed
And our missions
Had ended,
With that war now
A thing of the past,

I'd fly you far from
My flyboy buddies
And the rest of the whole

And then it would be
Just you and me,
And I do mean
Your whole fuselage.

Mr. Cornwall wrote this for his uncle, Ace Kellogg, and for all those fine men who flew B-24s.

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