[Graphic] Snapshots from the 464th Bombardment Group.
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For Our Morale

An Airman's Prayer

Chaplain John Eastwood

God guard and guide us as we fly
     Through the great spaces of the sky;
Be with us as we take to air
     In morning light and sunshine fair.
Eternal Father, strong to save,
     Give us courage and make us brave;
Protect us whereso'er we go,
     From shell and flak and fire and foe.
Most loved member of our crew.
     Ride with us up in the blue.
Direct our bombs upon the foe
     But shelter those whom Thou dost know.
Keep us together on our way,
     Grant our work success today.
Deliver us from hate and sin,
     And bring us safely down again.
O God protect us as we fly
     Through lonely ways across the sky.

This information was reproduced with the permission of Tony Schneider,
Sec./NL Editor (464th, 776), from the 464th BG Newsletter and the 2000 Reunion pamphlet.

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