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464th BG in WWII Reunion Information

The 464th in 2008, page 2

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The 464th Bomb Group 2008 Reunion Recap

[Photo] The 464th's tail insignia.
The 464th's tail fin insignia on display
was constructed by Walter Kuzmak, 776.

     The 2008 464th Bomb Group reunion was held in Tucson, Ariz. The reunion was attended by 50 original Group members and more than 70 friends and family members. During the four day reunion attendees reminisced, reflected and shared their war stories and lore at the Group's temporary headquarters located in the Radisson Suites Hotel in southern Tucson.

     On Thursday guests registered for the reunion with Elise and Art Rawlings (778). Art's niece, Wynn Mancini, assisted the Rawlings.
     On Friday morning, rested reunion goers were treated to a comfortable bus tour to Tombstone. Their first stop was historic Boot Hill Cemetery (where one member was overheard to say that "he was most relieved that his name was not there!").

     Our Group spent several hours exploring Tombstone where they shared the town's amenities with saloon girls, gunslingers and cowhands who warmly welcomed the 464th. They graciously allowed our Group to take their pictures and share their history. Later that afternoon the Group were treated to a standing ovation and were witness to a reenactment of the infamous gunfight at the OK Corral presented by Stephen Keith's talented group of historic re-enactors.

[Photo] Tombstone gunfighter.
Stephen Keith is Doc Holliday      

[Photo] The 464th's singing trio.
Simon Davis (776), Bernd Simon (777)
and John LaRue (776)

     Everyone seemed to have a good time visiting the Old West, but no one was reluctant to enjoy the air conditioned bus ride back to the hotel.

     During the trip back to Tucson, Bernd Simon (777) hijacked the tour guide's microphone and sang a song to his fellow passengers. Bernd's song was followed by several World War II ditties sung by Simon Davis and John LaRue, both of the 776 (but without the mike).

     Attendees convened in the hospitality room to share the amenities, stories and memorabilia.

     On Saturday, the 464th BG Association held it's regular business meeting in one of the Radisson's conference rooms. This was the first year that the Group's spouses and Associates were invited to attend.

     President George Krynovich encouraged unit members to tell their most memorable experiences of the war to family members. He also asked them to tell their stories at the meeting.

     Emotions ran high for both the Group's members and it's Associates while tales of terror, inspiration and bravery were told.

[Photo] Gene Taylor (778) recounts his WWII experience.
Gene Taylor (778) tells his story at
Saturday's meeting.

[Photo] Stillman Harding (778) and his daughter, Jaelynne Hathaway.
Stillman Harding (778) and his daughter,
Jaelynne Hathaway.

     The decision was made to continue the Group reunions. It was decided that meeting on an annual basis, rather than once every two years, would give our members something to look forward to.

     The Group voted to hold the next reunion in September, 2009. Stillman Harding (778), his daughter Jaelynn and son-in-law Kent Hathaway volunteered to be our 464th Bomb Group reunion hosts in Salt Lake City, Utah.

     On Saturday evening reunion members attended a formal banquet. Guests helped themselves to the patio buffet, then dined in the Radisson's banquet hall. The menu included barbecued ribs; potato and pasta salads, baked beans, corn muffins and more.

     After dinner, President George Krynovich thanked the reunion organizers. He spoke about the Group's past. At one point he asked for a show of hands for those shot down, those who had been taken as prisoners of war and even those who caught their tents on fire!

[Photo] .
The Group gets ready for the banquet.

[Photo] Tom Brynes (778) .
Tom Brynes (778).

     Tom Brynes (778), 92 years-old, was the oldest member to attend the reunion. During Saturday evening's banquet he treated the Group and their guests to a rousing rendition of Frank Sinatra's hit, "My Way."

     The 464th invited another bomb group - who were having their reunion at the same time - to join the 464th in the banquet hall for dinner. The other group took a good natured ribbing from George about the aircraft they flew during the war (B-26s).

     After dinner and the speeches, guests enjoyed dancing to the music provided by the DJ.

     The Group traveled to the Pima Air and Space Museum, several miles south of Tucson, on Sunday. They toured the aircraft restoration grounds, which is home to over 200 aircraft, from the comfort of the tour bus - a blessing as the weather was in the 90s and the restoration area covers several acres. (The Pima website features an aerial photo of the facility.)

     The Group had lunch in Hangar 3, home to the restored B-24 the "Bungay Buckaroo." Hangar 3 houses an extensive collection of memorabilia and a memorial dedicated to the 446th BG. After touring the other exhibit halls and the museum shop, the tour ended with the ride back to the Radisson.

[Photo] The 446 BG's Bungay Buckaroo.
Robert Hoskinson (778) and a friend
with the B-24 "Bungay Buckaroo."
     Sunday evening and Monday morning brought hugs and tears as best wishes were sent with those headed for home.

     I think I can speak for our Group when I say how wonderful it was to see you all and how rich we each are in our friends, and family. May God bless and keep you. God willing, we will meet again. Wendy

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