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464th BG in WWII Reunion Information

Letter from the 464th BG Association President

[Photo] The 464th's tail insignia.
The 464th's tail fin insignia on display
at the 2008 Reunion in Tucson. (Constructed by Walter Kuzmak, 776.)

   Fall of 2012

   Our good president, Mr. George, has given his Chief of Staff another duty. That being an added editor to our 464th bulletin. Something I have never done but here goes:
   Our reunion in Dearborn, as is usually the case, a delightful time. Those of us who attended ate and drank lots of good "stuff" and enjoyed the fellowship and hospitality of Ed and Toni Aubry, their daughter, Mary, who did all the grunt work along with a lot of other Aubrys. The venues were of great interest and the hotel was very obliging.

   Benny Aday (779th) who has been a faithful attendee of our BG reunion is presently recuperating from a serious infection. Drop him a card and keep him in your prayers: P.O. Box 333, Portales, NM 88130-0333.
   Gerald Felzian (778th) another faithful was undergoing eye surgery and a "ticker block" problem. When I spoke with him he was scheduled ot visit his cardiologist to find out what could be done about that. Said he was feeling good and had played 18 holes the day before. He promised to see all of us in Colorado Springs.
   Jan Strother (779th) explained to me that it was too soon for her after the death of her father, Ed, to join us because Ed enjoyed the reunion dearly and all of us also. I have high hopes that she and her husband, Mike, will be joining us in Colorado Springs.
   Dorcas and Tony Schneider (776th) had planned to be with us until she broke her hip. By this time she has recuperated enough to plan on attending our next reunion. Stay well Dorcas and Tony.
   Wendy Butler (our webmaster) has been undergoing serious BIG C health issues and has reached the point where she feels the web site needs more attention than she feels up to giving at this time and so she has relinquished her position of web master over to Kent and Jaelynne Hathaway. She has been a wonderful webmaster for the 464th and loves all of us. We love her also.
   Remember all those who, while not critically ill, just aren't physically able to travel. This is becoming "status quo" with too many of us, at our age!
   Many thanks go to our President George for keeping our hospitality room filled with great beverages for these many years. George and George alone is responsible for our "good" times there. If you partake, thank George!
   The Krynovich boys, Matt, Don and Dan - who have committed to be our hosts for the 2013 reunion in Colorado Springs deserve praise also. This role is not as easy as it might sound to one who hasn't served. Believe me, one who knows, it is no easy feat.
   Our 2013 reunion will be here before we know it, so we need to be preparing.
   All of us appreciate and celebrate the incredible freedom that we enjoy in this country because of our veterans. We will never forget what it took to win and preserve this freedom. God bless America and may God bless all of us.
                                                                          Elise Rawlings
                                                                          Chief of Staff, 464th Bomb Group Assoc.

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